Before You Get There: Colosseum


If you’re unsure about which tickets to get for your Colosseum visit or wonder if it’s worth the extra price on some tickets, Capricorn Vacations highly recommends the “Colosseum: Underground & Belvedere” ticket.  This ticket allows you to “skip the general admission line” by combining a reserved entrance time & separate entry that has direct access to the arena floor.  Other perks not available to general admission include: expert tour guide, access to the Colosseum’s undergrounds & Belvedere sections (floors 3-5).  With an estimated 2.5 hour tour time & unrestricted access, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with this ticket option.

Underground & Belvedere tickets sell out fast and are next to impossible to buy in person.  They are sold 3 months in advance and your best bet is to purchase them online.  I advise you stalk the Colosseum website for dibs.  Speaking from experience, even this isn’t a failsafe.  Apparently, I wasn’t quick enough and all English tours sold out.   Luckily, there were 2 spots left… in Spanish!  As always, all ticket purchases include entry to Roman Forum/Palatine Hill.

WARNING:  Beware of tours/tickets not purchased directly fro the Colosseum.  These ticket prices increase astronomically, easily starting at 3X or more than their original selling price!

QUICK TIP:  English language tours in foreign countries offering access to areas closed to the general public sell out fast & months in advance.  If you speak a language other than English, try booking your tour in a different language.  In the event that you feel you must take a specific tour that's sold out in English (for example the Colosseum Underground & Belvedere) book the tour in any available language & use a guided tour app that will supply information regarding these special access areas in your preferred language. ~ M.Ruiz, Capricorn Vacations